We take great pride and care in making your cakes. However we sometimes  fall short of our standards. If there are any problems with your order please inform us within an hour of receiving your cake(s) or return your cake to our bakery. Also please take a picture or keep a sample of the cake as this will help to resolve any problems. We will rectify it where possible or give a refund where applicable. A full or partial refund is determined by the nature of the problem, as discussed with the client at the time.

Below are a few scenarios involving cases where clients needs are not fully met.

Cakes don’t look 100% like the picture on the site.

Please give allowance for artistic licence. The cakes are handmade and made by a team of pastry chefs. Although we strive to make the cake as it is represented in the site, there might be slight differences that we consider negligible.The visual appeal of our cakes mean a lot to us, so please trust that we will create a product that will please you as best as we can.


We give only time frames for delivery. due to the unpredictable nature of traffic and logistics, we cannot deliver at ‘spot on’ specific times. if for any reason we cannot deliver within the time frame specified by the client. due to traffic congestion eg btw 10am-12noon, we will notify the client. Please request to receive your order the day before its needed and follow our simple rules for preserving the cake should incase the timing is extremely crucial. Instances such as ‘I have a plane to catch’.